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30 June 2022
Brussels (Diegem), Belgium
ParadigMS Belgium Symposium 2022


Keynote: Precision Medicine in Multiple Sclerosis - Tjalf Ziemssen

Precision medicine is a relatively new concept that has gathered considerable attention over the past 10  years or so. Within the context of multiple sclerosis (MS), precision medicine involves the use of genetics, proteomics, advanced neuroimaging, and biomarkers to accurately define the disease in individuals. In this way, the objective is to improve clinical outcomes by providing patients with specific treatment and care through innovative approaches. This presentation by Prof Tjalf Ziemssen and Prof. Grigoriadis provides the background to precision medicine in MS and presents a roadmap showing how precision medicine can be implemented into today's clinical care and treatment of MS patients.

Keynote: The Multiple Sclerosis Care Unit - Giancarlo Comi et al.

Treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS) has become increasingly multifaceted and comprises not only a variety of disease-modifying drugs with different mechanism of action but also a wide range of symptomatic therapies. Today, it is not possible for the family physician or even many general neurologists to master the current treatment algorithm, and this calls for the establishment of multidisciplinary MS Care Units. Although the main objective for establishment of MS Care Units will be to offer the single MS patient seamless and correct management of the disease to increase patient satisfaction and quality of life, it may even be cost-effective for the society by maintaining the working ability and reducing the costs of home help and custodial care by keeping people with MS resourceful.


Workshop: MS & Cognition - Prof Hanneke Hulst and Prof Bart Van Wijmeersch

During this workshop, the importance of assessing cognitive performance in people with multiple sclerosis will be explained and you will learn about the relationship between cognitive decline and prognosis and treatment in people with MS. Participants will be offered different tools to test and monitor cognitive functions in PwMS and learn about the implications of the results and how structural monitoring of functioning can benefit PwMS in their day-to-day life. Clinical cases, practical activities and peer discussions will be used to highlight the main points and involve the participants in the whole process of this interactive session.

Workshop: MRI & OCT - Prof Celia Oreja-Guevara and Prof Veronica Popescu

By the end of this workshop participants will have a clearer view of the use of MRI for the diagnosis and follow-up of MS, including finer points on differential diagnosis with a focus on the use of new MRI sequences and techniques.

Clinical cases will be used for illustrating the points while at the same time the workshop participants will be encouraged to actively participate in the discussion.

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Brussels (Diegem), Belgium
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