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30 June 2022
Brussels (Diegem), Belgium
ParadigMS Belgium Symposium 2022

The ParadigMS Foundation is responsible to elaborate the programme. The chair of the scientific committee of the Belgian symposium is Prof Bart Van Wijmeersch. ParadigMS can be contacted via secretariat@paradigms.foundation and its website www.paradigms.foundation.

The Belgian symposium is organised in collaboration with the Belgian Multiple Sclerosis Study Group. The BSGMS can be contacted at info@bsgms.org and its website https://www.bsgms.org/.

The symposium is endorsed by the Belgian Neurological Society. The BNS can be contacted at bns@neuro.be and its website https://neuro.be/

The ParadigMS Belgium Symposium is logistically organised by LAUREA. You can contact the organisers for all practical and registration related questions via email on projectteam@laurea.be. Daphne De Bie is your project manager of the symposium.

LAUREA‚Äôs website can be found via www.laurea.be.

Closed since 30 June 2022
Brussels (Diegem), Belgium
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